Why Blog for Business? Benefits of Blogging Include New Content, Search Engine Keywords & More

With literally billions of web pages available on a simple search engine, businesses looking to gain leverage on the internet and attract customers can almost feel like a pointless endeavor. In an effort to gain relationships with visitors and get them to see you as a trusted authority in the particular industry you specialize in, blogging has become an increasingly beneficial tactic used by many businesses to gain a positive reputation. Today, we at Lucid Blue Media would like to share the benefits of blogging.

Benefits of Blogging for Business

1. New Content. Search engines are designed to optimize the experience of the user when typing in their queries to achieve their goals; they explore the fresh and current content on the websites. QDF, or Query Deserves Freshness algorithm will find the trending or spiking topics, collecting data with more pertinent information. Continually updating your blogs in relation to your business, can assist the search engines in picking up your websites and gather more visitors.
2. Keywords are picked up in search engines. Simple words and phrases are a misused tactic in the past. Companies would try to use keywords in excess in their content in an effort to outrank their competitors, which would often turn off the visitors reading the content. Consider the following when using the keywords used appropriately in your content.
– Enabling the business to focus more precisely on the vocabulary their customers are most likely to use concerning phrases and keywords.
– Only use the words a handful of times throughout the content.
– Be sure to use with a natural voice throughout the content but especially with the keywords.
3. More Pages. Search engines agree that the larger sites containing more indexed pages that they have value, but not necessarily get you higher rank in the search results. With adding pages for each new blog featuring keywords will help engage visitors and obtain page rank.
4. Backlink Increase. Once you have established reputable content in your blogs that is valuable to consumers, promoting links is encouraged. When the readers value the blogs and the information it provides, will often reference the blog and link it to other blog posts. Where your site would fit well with the targeted audience, consider asking for it to be included. When you have valuable information on a blog, you have multiple pages that can serve as links for different subjects. Blogs are an extraordinary way for businesses to share answers to many of the consumer’s questions and draw in visitors. Enticing people to link to your content is a major beneficial gain in establishing authority in your industry.

How to Become a Successful Blogger

Tips to establish a successful blog. Requiring resources, budget, and routine management, maintaining a steady blog is best coordinated with the PR team and agency. Consider the following tips and advice for your blogs:
– With excessive question volume, identify and use high quality keywords.
– Plan out a two month minimum blog schedule.
– Create a team of writers and editors within budget.
– The blog pages should be optimized for SEO.
– Cross-reference and internally link the blogs.
– Supply social sharing links for users.
– With related blog posts, be sure to cross-promote.
– Utilize email and social channels to promote blog posts.

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