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How to Incorporate Organic Networking into Your Everyday Routine & Daily Life; Sincere Social Interactions, Media Profiles & More

Organic networking is an excellent way to make connections and expand social networks, while still developing professional relationships with your pet sitter, hair stylists or other professionals you come into contact with; without feeling awkward and intrusive as you effectively represent and market your company or brand. With that in mind, we at Lucid Blue…

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Social Media & Advertising Done Right; Viral Marketing Campaigns of Cronuts, ALSA Ice Bucket Challenges & More

Global brands will often put out a slogan, heart-felt campaign, or a hilarious skit regarding their products and it’s no surprise when it goes viral. What does take some consumers by surprise is when the small brands get their 15 minutes of viral fame without the use of big advertising firms. Today, we at Lucid…

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Why Blog for Business? Benefits of Blogging Include New Content, Search Engine Keywords & More

With literally billions of web pages available on a simple search engine, businesses looking to gain leverage on the internet and attract customers can almost feel like a pointless endeavor. In an effort to gain relationships with visitors and get them to see you as a trusted authority in the particular industry you specialize in,…

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Answer Telephone Calls to Increase Your Customer Base & Overall Success in Any Type of Business

One of the biggest gripes among consumers is not being able to speak with someone directly. Some companies are guilty of relying on automated phone services, where others do not have adequate staff members answering the phone. No matter what the issues are, companies who answer the phone and speak directly with their clients significantly…

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