What is the Best Way to Market to Millennials? How to Reach with Content & More

Getting involved with a new wave of young professionals can be a challenging experience in getting to know the millennial generation. Understanding what is appealing, how they are taught and conduct themselves is truly an experience. Without further delay, let’s take a look at the millennial professional. In an age where meetings and email communication is a part of the everyday life for today’s professionals, they have become essential for conveying new ideas and getting everyone in their part to move forward on projects. Companies have become more successful and unified utilizing an open and effective communication among the colleagues. With more insight on how to effectively communicate with the millennial professionals, you can excel further.

How to Reach Millennials with Content & Presentations

Presentations, general meetings, and other events where you communicating with a number of employees and coworkers need to be conducted understanding the audience. The main goal is to get your point across while keeping the focus and attention of everyone present. Your meeting or presentation should be primarily based off your audience’s age level followed by their profession. For example, if you are presenting to media professionals than the focus of the presentation should be centered on the media aspects of your message with supporting speaking points.

What is Gen Millennial Age Range?

Researchers are naming the next wave of industry professionals “the millennial generation”. In this study, communication style, meeting preferences, convention details, and professionals events of the millennial generation (ages 18-30) were discovered. Additionally, the new wave of professionals has different work ethic styles in comparison to previous generations. The study further broke down the participants into 3 age brackets; 18-20, 21-24 and 25-30 year olds. Which were then analyzed in the following aspects:
– Personal preferences and expectations with meeting and event attendance.
– Individual contributions related to meeting and event.
– Motivations to attend meetings and events.
– Preference of communication methods.
The results were as follows:
Age 18-20 year olds – Well structured meetings that are continuous no interruptions to save time was the preference. The most appealing method of communication was over Facebook, Twitter and texting, preferring to avoid emails.
Age 21-24 year olds – Keynote speakers engaging the presentations are appealing, especially when they had the opportunity to promote teambuilding with fellow staff members. A talk-show format presentation or question and answer meeting for example, is their ideal method.
Age 25-30 year olds – Prefers peer to peer discussions and online communication, such as Skype and Go to Meeting venues. Being mentally challenged is preferential in their chosen profession.
– Primary social media portals among the millenials that were least desired to be used were Linked In -20 year old age group, andTwitter by 25-30 year olds
– Face to face communication is the most preferred communication for all three groups as well h integrated technology and interactive presentations. To keep it simple, the millennial generation of professionals is looking for short concise meetings that include media highlights and entertaining presentations.

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Evolving your company to accommodate the millennial generation of professionals can contribute to the longevity of your success. Call Lucid Blue Media for assistance marketing to millennials and other age groups today!

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