Search Engine Optimization for Companies & Business Owners

SEO for business operators is one of the best ways to increase website visitors, leads and sales. How does your company rank on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo?

Search Engine Optimization for businesses is one of the top methods for increasing qualified website visitors and new sales. How does your company rank on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo? Who shows up in the top positions on Google when someone from your city searches the keywords related to your business? When someone searches for a product or service you provide, what they really mean is: “I need to hire a company to provide this service.” Lucid Blue Media works hard to ensure YOUR company appears when potential customers search for related keywords. Many of our clients depend on SEO Services as their most productive new customer marketing tactic. READ MORE

Online Reputation Management

The level of service quality in your industry can vary greatly among your competitors. Consumers know this and that’s why they RELY on online customer reviews. Consumers searching for services can base part of their purchasing decisions on customer reviews they find online. In fact, almost 90% of all consumers research online reviews before deciding which service company to hire. Lucid Blue Media provides solutions for monitoring and polishing up your online reviews. How would you rate your online reputation? Whether good or bad, it is essential to every business that you monitor and build a superb online reputation. Online reputation management has become an essential component of online marketing. READ MORE

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an AMAZING way to drive immediate qualified visitor traffic to your website

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an AMAZING way to drive targeted visitors and new potential customers to your website. With Pay Per Click, you pay Google each time a visitor clicks your ad which takes the visitor directly to your website. A certain percentage of these new visitors contact you to inquire about using your services. Sounds easy enough, right? The common mistake PCOs make is paying way too much for these new visitors. This makes each newly acquired account cost way too much! Lucid Blue Media has developed incredibly affordable solutions to offer Pay Per Click campaigns within all industries. Our overall PPC goal is to drive up the qualified visitor traffic to a client’s website while at the same time, driving down the cost of each of these new visitors. It is important to note that cost per click can become very inexpensive if the new website visitors are efficiently converted into new sales for the client. READ MORE

Lead Generation & Increased Sales

Lucid Blue Media can supply fresh leads directly to your doorstep on a daily basis! Growth depends on effective salespeople and superb service; but nothing happens until you have a lead– someone interested in what you have to offer. We generate leads specifically for new sales throughout all four seasons of the year. Our lead generation campaigns are targeted to various service-types, depending on your industry and location. Almost every new lead we generate is in decision-making mode and ready to hire a company for the particular service. READ MORE

Mobile Responsive Website Design, Development & Optimization

Mobile website traffic has hit a tipping point! In many industries, most company websites are receiving more mobile visitors than desktop visitors! Is your company website mobile responsive for viewers using iPhones, Androids, ipads and tablets?

An impressive brand is built on a proactive public relations strategy. Lucid Blue Media understands that every interaction you have with your public either builds or damages your brand. An effective online PR strategy can help build a web presence that gets great search engine visibility, social interaction that deepens relationships with your customers and builds your brand, click-by-click. Let us develop a top-notch online branding and PR strategy for your business! READ MORE

Social Media Marketing

Use the power of Social Media to turn your customer base into your greatest promoters! With the rise of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, your customers will “LIKE” your service and even share their experiences with their friends.

Kids don’t like to share, but adults love it! With the rise of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, your customers will “LIKE” your service and even share their experiences with their friends. Its like showering an entire neighborhood of friends with fliers; only your customers do it for you! What an amazing marketing strategy. You can also encourage your social network to share coupons, promotions and heart-warming experiences. Social media campaign managers create and disseminate unique web content in order to attract attention and encourage other social networks to share it with their online friends. When a piece of content picks up steam and gets shared rapidly through several social networks, this is referred to as “going viral.” READ MORE

Online Branding & Public Relations

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