Tips for How to Write Social Media Post Content for Business; How to Boost Followers & Engagement

Facebook and other social media networks have been a great asset for business SEO and to increase interest to what you have to offer. In the beginning, it was far simpler. Your phenomenal written articles were uploaded in a high PR directory and all it took was to share the link on Facebook and the benefits would quickly be the result. With so many Facebook rules and regulations concerning content, brands, publishers, and other affiliations being imposed on businesses, sharing your concepts have left even the most informed in vague uncertainty. Now business owners are left wondering how to share content, increase SEO, and ensure the time invested doesn’t result in nothing more than a waste of time. The good news is that Lucid Blue Media has a few options for the social media content and how to use it to your advantage.

Trigger Social Media Shares with Funny Company Tweets & Posts

A slightly more diverse version of 9GAG (Go Fun Yourself) is the “it” social media platform according to a significant number of Facebook users. Most users are more interested in sharing the humorous memes and GIFs of pets and other content that appeals to fun activities, along with positive videos and other relatable content that stimulates a good laugh. The sharing audience consists of almost half of the users opting to circulate the fun-loving posts. By including some lighthearted comedy in your article, you are increasing the amount of shares your links will get and it spreads like wildfire.

Increase in More Positive Social Media Engagement

In recent surveys nearly 20% of the users want to look good and open-minded in regards to a wide range of interests. Basically, next to folks wanting to share all that fun stuff, the next most shareable type of content is people’s interests and activities, particularly, the more positive aspects of them. With the eagerness to announce interest in sports, hobbies, pop culture, politics, and other defining personality traits, people quickly share articles that are most appealing to them.

Most Shared Posts on Social Media; Non-controversial & Emotional Content

In noted studies, 13% of shares spread by users are content that generally stimulates emotional reactions. Though these trolling tactics were once popular, they are not what they used to be. Building a community and agreement are more appealing than the constant urge to disrupt conversations and interact with the participants is more obvious in the majority of shares.

Social Media Marketing Strategy; Useful Approach

With 11% of users of those who read news, check offers, search for guides and testimonials, the niche where most SEO companies would like to succeed can grab the attention of like minded content. Using the SEO strategy with this group of users can be beneficial when posting articles and relatable content in light of your business.

Facebook, Instagram & Other Social Media Attention Seekers

The 11% of users remaining are drawn to the content that makes themselves interesting.

Social Media Posting & Search Engine Optimization from Our Offices in Las Vegas, Nevada

So the final consensus when utilizing Facebook and other social media platforms suggest that companies should continue to publish content that is more importantly, industry-relevant with inspiring, emotional, fun, educational and positive undertones and influences. Contact Lucid Blue Media for more information on how we can take your business to the next level of online marketing!

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