Top Performers at Work; Bill Belichick Business Leadership Coaching Style & Management Lessons

For those who are not in tuned with one of America’s beloved sporting events, Bill Belichick is the head coach of the New England Patriots. Since he joined the organization back in 2000, the Patriots have won five Super Bowls. Elite students in the business world studying strategies and methods have recognized Belichick’s remarkable methods to increase efficiency in the NFL market as nothing less than clever. Winning five Super Bowls is truly an extraordinary feat and with Bill Belichick’s fascinating methods, it’s a no wonder why so many listen’s to his advice.

Top Performers at Work

Considering every year the teams that are top performers the previous year are penalized by getting the lower draft picks than the teams that didn’t perform as well, and add that the NFL has a salary cap; the incredible the financial standing is something to be in awe over. If your team sells out every game, has the endorsement and TV deals, as a result of winning all those Super Bowls; a cap on spending is still in place that keeps every team on the same level.

Bill Belichick’s Business Leadership Coaching Lessons

Lesson #1: Tenure does not matter as much as skills and performance.
Belichick does not believe that senior players have entitlement. All players, no matter their experience are constantly being evaluated and ranked.
Lesson #2: Organization should be the primary focus and not competition.
Belichick believes that being more organized is more beneficial than focusing on the competition is the right way to win.
Lesson #3: Challenge the status quo.
Belichick created a system that dictates the team that plays by different rules and are valued by different skills and metrics than any other team.
Lesson #4: Invest in an effective team management matters.
Peyton Manning, after losing an important playoff game to an injury-ridden Patriots team commented that, “it doesn’t seem to matter who they trot out there, it’s their ‘system’ that wins them games.” Smart management wins more games than talented players
Lesson #5: Ego and pride shouldn’t get in the way.
Belichick, who believes ego is a poison that kills teams, strives hard to keep it out after a success.
Lesson #6: Team is more valued than the individual.
Belichick passionately puts team first and individual second.
Lesson #7: Know your competition inside and out.
Belichick’s father was an assistant football coach and his main role was to scout opponents, as a result, Belichick grew up looking at opponent film with his father. Eventually, he became an expert at finding weaknesses in his opponents. Identifying the quarterbacks’ weaknesses would be his specialty. Belichick would track metrics on accuracy throwing left, right, center, short, and long while standing still, while moving out of the pocket left, and moving out of the pocket right, just for an example. Because he understood his enemy, Belichick won five Super Bowls because.
Lesson #8: Use data to manage your decisions.

Belichick uses a sophisticated information technology platform in an effort to unearth counter-intuitive insights about his business to develop the competitive differentiation.

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