Answer Telephone Calls to Increase Your Customer Base & Overall Success in Any Type of Business

One of the biggest gripes among consumers is not being able to speak with someone directly. Some companies are guilty of relying on automated phone services, where others do not have adequate staff members answering the phone. No matter what the issues are, companies who answer the phone and speak directly with their clients significantly increase their success! Customer service is becoming a lost art in the business world, and the start of good customer service is the phone conversations.

Key Performance Indicators

There are many discussions and debates online over the ways to measure SEO (search engine optimization) success. It is the toughest question in how to choose the right KPIs (key performance indicator) for local SEO. The local SEO is a very dynamic sector of the online marketing industry as many people surmised. But things change rather quickly and unexpectedly, forcing SEO professionals to quickly adapt to other sources.

Being Found in Search Rankings & Closing the Sale

A once considered crucial indicator for SEO success for many years was search rankings, but a look from the perspective of a business owner has shown otherwise. Profit is not directly gained simply from being on the first page of Google. But having more customers in their portfolio does. In other words, the first step to being found is crucial but the sale has to be closed and to do that, you have to answer your phone and talk to that potential customer.

Monitoring SEO Facts

A more beneficial approach to a business getting more customers is to monitor not only the online communication like emails, but the offline communication channels as well, such as; your walk-ins and phone calls.
Walk-ins: Take into account at least 52% of small businesses in the United Sates is home based and do not have the advantages of a store front, but for those that do have a store front, walk-ins are a valuable source. There are some ways you can track how many walk-ins were the result of your online efforts or those that have had other sources by asking them to complete a short and to the point survey for a small reward to see what influences your company more.
Phone Calls: A recent study presented that 48% of respondents state that phone calls are the most important KPI for measuring local SEO success. Statistics prove that from a customer’s point of view, that after finding the right business online, making the phone call is the quickest way and easiest approach to get the information, services, or products they are inquiring.
Emails: Received emails are a good indicator for a business’s online presence. Emails are a reliable and passive way to connect with customers on a personal level, o close deals and sooner or later the conversation moves to a phone call or a live meeting.

Reply to Emails, Greet Walk Ins & Answer Phones to Succeed in Business

Businesses that utilize all of the resources given to them have the potential to generate a lot of customer base. Ensuring that someone answers the emails, greets the walk-ins and equally, answers the phone calls with friendly customer service and personable, yet professional demeanor, can contribute to the overall success of your business. Contact Lucid Blue Media to learn more about how we can help you succeed in your business today!

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