How to Choose a Company Name; Catchy & Creative Unique Business Name Ideas

Small businesses don’t seem to really put a lot of time and effort into the name of their business or consider the impact the name can have. Assuming your company will be a success, it will be around for years if not decades. Changing the name down the road is expensive and quite a challenge. Spending more than 15 minutes of thought on a name for your business is well worth the investment!

Tips for How to Choose a Company Name

The name of your business is a critical component of your marketing tool; both online and offline. The name is vital that it will play a role in your search engine optimization. So, take your time, some thought, and think of a name for your business that will heighten your business and not hinder it.

Generating a Catchy & Creative Unique Business Name

Below are a few suggestions that might aid you in finding the right name for your business.
1) Start by generating a list of possible names. Avoid singling out one name at a time and hope you eventually get lucky.
2) Not everyone was blessed with creative juices, if you are one of those people admit it to yourself and then solicit a family member or a friend who is for some help. At the least, something they may suggest may inspire that name that is right for you.
3) To narrow down the list, make sure the domain name is available. It is rather disappointing to get attached to a name only to find out later that the domain name is already being used. The “.com” in the domain name is important.
4) Don’t get off track by trying to make a name available by adding hyphens or other characters.
5) Describing what you do for your name is usually fine for most small businesses. But remember to be creative.
6) Resist getting too descriptive because your business can evolve over the years and you want to keep the names.
7) Fabricated names that don’t describe what you do are simpler to trademark and find domain names for. These names are usually more ideal for business planning for high growth and building across the globe.
8) People don’t remember what letters stand for with acronyms, and they are both a thing of the past and ineffective.
9) Longer names for businesses don’t seed well to memory, shorter names are better.
10) Look outside the box and be different and come up with a memorable name.
11) Unless the number is significant to the business, avoid them in your name.
12) Keep your name simple so it is easier to say.
13) Stay away from clever reuses of existing words, spelled differently or other attempt to be cute. Ideally, you want people to spell it without having it spelled out for them.
14) Naming the company with your name is common trend, but consider separating your business from you personally.
15) Test the name you think you want to stick with. Get input on the name with friends and family with at least 6 different people who will give you honest feedback.
16) Make sure you like the name you are using, it will be a part of your life for years to come!

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