Brief Definition, History, Timeline & Evolution of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s crazy to think that a mere 20 years ago the internet didn’t exist. It’s crazy because most people when asked, would say they can’t live without it. The internet has changed everything from the way we do business, the way we research, the way we shop and so on. Indeed, most of us could definitely NOT live without it. A big part of internet use is SEO or search engine optimization. Lucid Blue Media is here to talk about how SEO has evolved and the important role it plays in our world today.

Evolution of SEO & the World Wide Web

In 1990, what started out as a school project, has turned into a way of life. Technology was quite different then than it is now, and as technology made advances, so did search engine optimization. In the beginning, there was so much information out there that developers knew there needed to be some way of organizing all of this information. By 1998, the search engines we use today were starting to rise up.

Early SEO Pioneers Found the Internet a Way to Make Money

The World Wide Web started out as a big pool of information, but it wasn’t soon after that the early pioneers in SEO could see it wasn’t just a good way to gain information, but an excellent source of money. The earliest names like Greg Boser found he could sell product by finding ways to drive people to his website, and Christine Churchill who built websites saw the marketability of software to make the process easier. These people finally started to realize they could learn a lot from each other even though they were often in competition with each other to build something great.

SEO Campaigns Can Change a Failing Business into a Successful One

There are several reasons that businesses need SEO to be successful. When people used to rely on things like magazines and phone books for advertising, most young people don’t even know how to find anything in a phone book anymore. The internet is where people are looking to find products and companies that have the services they are looking for. SEO doesn’t only make your website easy to navigate, but increases brand awareness like nothing else can. Finding that your business pulls up in the top five positions on a results page is a game changer for any business. Most people don’t look past the first page of search results when searching for a product or service.

Search Engine Optimization Services & More

If you are looking for a way to boost your business and haven’t taken advantage of SEO to do it, don’t hesitate to put it to the test. You will see your business grow and SEO will guide people that are actively searching for your product right to your front door. Lucid Blue Media offers search engine optimization to give the website for your business the boost that it needs. Call us today!

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