Customer & Client Prospect Opportunities in Las Vegas, NV; Live Phone Leads VS Email Form Submission Leads

Newer businesses often face a challenge when establishing their role in the community. Often playing the game of what works to generate potential clients, they try a number of ways to get leads. Debating what works best, live phone leads versus email form submission leads is often the big debate, but in actuality, utilizing both methods has beneficial gain. Today, we at Lucid Blue Media would like to briefly account why both live phone leads and email form submission leads are a helpful aid in getting the customers into your business.

Benefits of Live Phone Contact Leads

100% contact rates. With employees ready to accept the call, questions can be answered with friendly and respectful customer service and appointments can be readily scheduled. Inbound calls have a 100% contact rate to your business, providing of course you have adequate staff members to answer all phone calls.
Personal insight. Answering direct phone leads can help you gather pertinent information such as the names and contact information as well as getting the information for your demographic statistics. Marketing can be dramatically improved when you optimize on the information acquired during your live phone call leads.
Immediate responses. Inbound calls can generate revenue for your business when you take the initiative and immediate action with the services you provide. Inbound call leads are customers highly interested in your products or services. Acting fast can increase profits.
Make the connection. Phone calls are far more personable and it gives your company the opportunity to establish a rapport with your new leads. Getting your customers to feel welcome and comfortable with a friendly and serviceable company will lend them to be more ready to invest in your services.
Valuable resource. In today’s modern business world companies should consider the earning potential live inbound phone calls have and the impact it can have for your business. Inbound calls are easily nurtured and prosperous with the right crew members answering your phone and selling your services.

Advantages of Email Form Submission Leads

Submission magic hour. The night owls are the prime users of the online submission forms. As well as the busy working people using a quick lunch break to take care of quick personal duties, and the stay at home parents that are constantly on the go rely on email form submissions when there is little time to wait for someone to talk to. Between 1pm and 2pm in the afternoon is the magic hour, where people are studiously submitting their email submission forms according to recent studies.
Email marketing accounts for 61% of form submissions. Getting email submission leads can utilize your email marketing tools to their fullest potential. Filling out customer surveys, order placements, and registration for events will generate a lot of exposure for your company. Collecting data from email submissions can help you retain the interested clients by using the email they provided to deliver promotions and coupons if they did not initially commit to your services.
Survey form. Proven to be one of the highest conversation rates, survey’s, despite the argument that the survey forms are the longest types, are ideal for your company. The types of forms available impact the number of submissions you get. Surveys capture the most usable data and give you the most valuable information to gauge popular opinions of your customers.

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