How to Incorporate Organic Networking into Your Everyday Routine & Daily Life; Sincere Social Interactions, Media Profiles & More

Organic networking is an excellent way to make connections and expand social networks, while still developing professional relationships with your pet sitter, hair stylists or other professionals you come into contact with; without feeling awkward and intrusive as you effectively represent and market your company or brand. With that in mind, we at Lucid Blue Media would like to list tips and advice on how you can incorporate organic networking in your day to day life.

How to Incorporate Organic Networking into Your Everyday Routine & Daily Life
1) Interaction.
– Making successful connections can be as easy as noticing and remembering things about the people you see frequently. You can extend your social network slowly but significantly by taking the time to notice and acknowledge the people you routinely interact with. Let’s say you are in real estate for example, and then you frequently see the mailman for your broker’s office and have learned a little about them over the course of time and they recently had a baby. Asking about the experience of parenthood and checking on the health in a friendly tone has laid the ground work for now that mailman is looking to buy a bigger home and needs sell the current home and is looking for familiar face to assist him or her. Simply by interacting with someone you see regularly and touching on what you do has now planted a seed that can blossom down the line.
Social media profiles are another avenue to explore with your daily interactions. Posting interesting articles about your profession, humorous antics about the job you do, you doing community service with your business’ shirt on can expand your social connections for people who happen to be looking for what you have to offer. Familiarity goes a long with most people and expanding your social network and human interactions will increase the odds of professional advancement without being perceived as pushy, annoying, or alienating your friends.
2) Be Sincere. People are not ignorant to the schmoozing or manipulating and most can tell when they are being taken for a ride. Being honest is a better approach for those who are not comfortable with being sociable. For an example, let’s say you were obligated to attend a social event where interaction with strangers or acquaintances is mandatory; instead of attempting the hustle and the transparency of soliciting your business, be honest and state things like “Small talk isn’t one of my talents and I never know what to say to folks.” Many of the people you speak with will appreciate the refreshing honesty and will take over the conversation, giving you the opportunity to answer questions honestly and make a deeper connection with the people you do talk with. If you are not the chit chat kind of person, you have other ways to be genuine and apply the interactive tip. For example, you are at the salon getting your haircut, ask the open-end questions and be sincere with feedback and actually listen to the responses. Ask about family, pets, hobbies, passions, and even dapple in their chosen profession. Not only will you get to be more interactive, but you will build a rapport and through letting your service provider talk, you can have potentially earned a potential client for your business down the line.
3) Take advantage of opportunities. Forcing the “sale” is a major turnoff. There are many scenarios that unfold that you can take advantage of. A plane ride next to a stranger, an elevator ride to the 50 something floor, a line in the DMV, whatever the case may be, you do not have to be the stereotypical pushy car salesman to get word about your business. Taking the opportunity to side with disgruntled patrons and lend an empathetic ear, or put someone at ease when close proximity or fear of heights puts someone’s anxiety at higher levels is all you need.

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